Saturday, April 1, 2017

ACA500 plus working with my Amiga1000 with all my side cars attached :-)

So I bought the new expansion card from  Individual Computers a few months back to eventually get it working with my Amiga 500 thats been boxed up for a few decades BUT alas the mancave is dead out of space with me setting up my Amiga 4000 (ya I know that's another story for another day lol).  Anyhoo the lack of space got e thinking to try it out on my Amiga 1000 since they share the same zorro 2 port & I know a few amigans that got the earlier A500 card to work on their A1000s so figured I'd give her a go.

Now seeing as my all original A1000 is, and always been, the Queen of my mancave I always intend to keep her the way she was in the mid to late 80's which means kickstart 1.3 and of course Workbench 1.3, original 20MB XT-IDE Hd & controller and my 2MB ram side cars!  So I'm very happy to report the ACA500 + works great at the end of my scsi car train so very easy to keep my original classic config and also use the modern features the A500+ gives without the hassle of messing with my side cars.  Also I know many Amiga 1000 users had issues of having to restart their miggies many times until the ACA500 kicked in but so far every time I boot up the ACA500+ comes rightup...maybe luck or maybe that's due to the upgrades in the + ?

here's a quick vid:

and of course the obligatory view of the mancave..and this time it has 2 be in 2 sections for now anyway ;-)

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Warp3D Nova and Enhancer Package finally here for AmigaOS4.1 FE !

Yesterday A-Eon released the long awaited Enhancer Package for Amiga OS4.1FE which contains alot of upgrades/fixes to numerous OS and Third Party programs, drivers, datatypes etc etc. BUT by far the most awaited update was for the Warp3D Nova driver which thanks to A-Eon and Hans brings AmigaOS FULL 3D support to AmigaOS with modern shaders and goodies of the GPU that I have no clue what they do but I'm just grinning knowing that their on my favourite OS ;-)

TO ALL AMIGA USERS: step up and support our developers by buying this update to thank them for all their work and effort to keep our favourite OS going strong in 2016 & beyond !!!

& the mandatory view of the Mancave on May3, 2016:

P.S, there's a new addition arriving soon :-)

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Man Cave NG :-)

Absolutely LOVE IT when my kids want to play in the man cave and drop their tablets and DS's for a while...

Sunday, July 5, 2015

New custom keyboard covers for my C64, Amiga 1000 & Amiga 1200 !

Got tired of using an old battered keyboard cover for my C64, a very large generic plastic PC cover for my Amiga 1200 and a few pieces of paper taped together for my very unique Amiga 1000 keyboard so when I bumped into a recent thread over at for custom made fabric covers by Retro-Protect I sent them a message, found out they allowed custom colours and decals of your choice to be placed on the covers and placed my order.

Yesterday they made their way over to my man cave and here's what all 3 of them look like out of the package along with care instructions :-) (for those interested: cover to be hand washed only, do not tumble dry, iron on inside of cover on a warm setting, do not iron the logo directly, shrinkage may occur)

C64 cover:
Amiga 1200 cover:
Amiga 1000 cover:

I'm very happy with quality of the cotton fabric covers and more importantly the proper fit for all my keyboards.  Customer service was great and I was thrilled to have the choice of choosing my own colours and decals. 

As usual and unfortunately I have too many little projects to talk about here but alas spare time is yet again my enemy so I leave you with the now traditional view of what my man cave looks like today.